The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Afford

The Best Christmas Gift Anyone Can Afford

Thirteen years ago, I wanted to start a gift-giving tradition with my two sons. I wanted it to be meaningful, personal, and financially attainable no matter what my financial circumstances were in any season of life (like this year!  ). So, I decided to write a letter to each of them. Every year for many years now, I compose a “Christmas Letter” to my sons. The letter itself can be to anyone you’d like; your aunt or uncle, grandma, a special friend, a spouse or partner, etc… It can also contain anything you want. That’s what makes it personal!

Over the years, this hasn’t been “a” Christmas Gift – it’s become “THE” Christmas gift. It didn’t take long for these letters to be their favorite. Believe it or not, it overcame heavy competition from trendy video games to the latest toys and gadgets! For years now, it’s always been reserved as the last gift to open. Soon after they open their letters, I get my gift! That gift is being to be around for another Christmas, and taking in the moment as they each take turns reading their letters out loud. There’s a lot of laughter, “Oh-my-God-I-forgot-about-that’s,” and even tears (usually from me).

I’ve had friends ask me how to get started with this tradition, so this year I made a “Christmas Letter Cheat Sheet” that I am more than happy to share. It’s simply a list of ideas, inspirations, and prompts that I have accumulated over the years. I’ve published those here in PDF format – just click on the pic!  Annual Christmas Letter Tips From Billy

Love, Peace, and Hope to all! And Merry Christmas!

~ Billy


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