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Billy Soden is a freelance writer with over 25 years of experience on the beat in more ways than one. From a writing hobbyist to a professional communicator of the written word, this former music teacher and community educator combine a creative persuasive touch to nuance any niche.

“I am a survivor of writing education curriculum and policy, grant writing for the fine arts, marketing copy for quarterly community events and classes, and successfully transitioned from paper post-it notes to on-screen post-it notes.” ~ Billy Soden

Billy’s work has been published in national and local magazines and his first book, U Be U by Billy Soden released globally in May 2017. U Be U is whimsical wisdom set to simple rhyme and stunning images from around the world. It’s a cool, sometimes cute and sometimes witty gift for the grad – the grad of diploma collectors, university seekers, and achievement gatherers! From the smallest of goals to the loftiest life-changing milestones, we are all alumni of every challenge overcome, every happy moment ever shared, and every goal ever reached – be they big or small. In a world that often wants to tell us who and what we should be, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd and tied in a knot over who you are not! “U” are unique. “U’ are who you are. “U” have great purpose, some discovered and some not quite yet. “U” never stop learning and growing into the new “U” you are today. What’s the message? Be yourself! Are there bumps along the way? Of course! At the end of the day, be they mounds or mountains, you are the one who gets to decide who the you that is you, truly are. Wherever you go, and in all that you do, a most valuable life lesson is for you to be you. U Be U.

Soden is a regular blogger who was first featured on a global blogging site with more than 35,000 contributors and an average of 1.1 million unique monthly visitors. His blog, “How To Squeeze A Football Team Into A Sardine Can; Growing Up In Small Spaces,” touched the hearts of many through a condensed telling of growing up in a large blended family. Since then, Billy has been a regularly featured blog-meister.  His blog in the “humor” category, “How I Became A Professional Beatbusker,” is still featured and gaining “hype” across blogging and social media platforms.

Billy currently writes for the world’s largest non-profit independent television and media company. Based in New York City, with a global audience of nearly 15 million, Soden’s stories contribute to the shared vision of uniting humanity, hope, and freedom through the authoring of engaging stories that portray the intensely compelling unification of all humankind and the planet.

Soden sprung from “Rising Talent” to “Top Talent” on the largest global network of freelance writers.His next book is due out Summer of 2017. “Hope Dealer” is a soon-to-be best seller that inspires those who struggle to the depths of despair and hopelessness through the stories of perseverance, recovery, and personal prosperity from the lives of its author and others.

Born with a trombone in one tiny hand and a pen in the other, Billy’s passion for writing developed early in life. Professional, versatile, and creative, Billy has coined the term “Beatbusker” and labels himself as such.

“I’m a hybrid writer,” Billy explained, “kind of a cross between a beat reporter and a street performer (a busker). I know all the words. You just have to put them in the right order to make them get up and dance!”

Positive, collaborative, and inspired, Billy is indeed the “Beatbusker” of the writing world.

To view samples of Billy’s Beatbusking, view his online e-folio at

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much, sir. I really really respect you and hope next we can work together again.” ~ Z. Aiyadi (Indonesia)


“Billy, thank you for the Uplift article about Dr. Buono. It inspired me to write to the son of my fifth-grade teacher. Her name was Jean Love and that name fit perfectly! Unfortunately, Mrs. Love passed away in 2015 but I managed to find her son’s address and I’m mailing off a letter tonight. The solid foundation she gave me made it possible for me to become a successful corporate teacher and technical writer. I really wish I’d had the opportunity to speak with her again and your article has inspired me to contact other people in my life who have made a difference. I’m a 63-year-old grandmother now and you can bet I will be encouraging my grandchildren to say thanks while they still can.”~ Regards, (name withheld for privacy)


“…Billy is the consummate professional with a seemingly unending skill set! Not only did he produce an excellent product well within our required timeframe, he went above and beyond by contacting the company for which we are building a relationship with and thoroughly researched our niche. In doing so, he provided an invaluable contact that led us to a networking opportunity that we may not have acquired otherwise. If you get the opportunity to work with Billy, I highly recommend you seize it! Billy is professional, exceedingly talented in many areas, and a flexible easy-to-work-with genuine person.” ~ Ben A., CEO at Mo Opp


“It was great to work with Billy. Great scriptwriter and hard worker.” ~ R. I. at Elite Entertainment – Hong Kong, China

“Billy is such a good writer, very creative and hard-working. But the thing I liked the most from him was his amazing attitude. Very kind, polite and collaborative! I would like to work with him on other projects.” ~ C.M.


“Billy was a pleasure to work with, I engaged him to write several articles. He came up with the ideas and executed as promised. There were on one or two occasions that revision was required, this was done expeditiously and without complaints. Recommending him to anyone else looking for an experienced writer. Will definitely engage his services again. (In fact I just did)” ~ Kelvin. P., Executive Search Recruiter – Hong Kong, China


“You are so kind Billy, I am so glad to work with you!” ~ Monica Cervera –  Barcelona, Spain


Upon seeing these intriguing delights, I experienced the same sort of insanely happy, childish surprise that overcomes you when grandma prepared your favorite meal [Chicken Parmesan w/Spaghetti] or when you were treated to your absolute favorite takeout place on Sunday [Pastrami King on Queens Boulevard]. From the very moment that humans have walked this earth to the moment you are reading this, man has made so many great contributions to society. Pillsbury gave us the Toaster Strudel. Joanna Rohrback gave us the flow of the rhythm with her Prancercise routines, and Joseph Pedott gave us the Clapper. But to trump it all, Billy Soden gave me these exceptional pieces of work. The wording! They flow so nicely together. The rhythm! The flow of the rhythm is so graceful! When I read these amazing pieces, my mojo was again renewed. I was taken far away, to a land where Chinese delivery is available 24 hours a day, where rainbows and kittens are plentiful, and my poster of the legendary Chuck Norris wearing his very own Action Jeans brand [A special blend of denim and Elastane fibers with a stretch range of infinity because Chuck Norris] could be displayed without fear of ridicule. At a time when there is so much strife in the world, humanity needs to hear Billy and his words. Life is too short to overlook beautiful simplicity like this. In summary, I highly endorse Billy Soden [creativity, timeliness, attention to details, and really a great guy to work with]. ~ Michelle B. – Beaverton, Oregon


“The piece is indeed KICK ASS. Truly phenomenal work.” ~ Sunny R. – Kuwait


First and foremost, I want to express my great gratitude for helping me to get in the PsyD program. I have been admitted into the Clinical Psychology program. Thank you so much for your fantastic help with essay and scholarship impact, it means to me a lot. You are a highly talented writer! ~ K.R. ~ China


“We hired Billy for a small job cleaning up grammatical errors in a CV and early on it became clear to us that we needed Billy’s help in more ways than we initially anticipated.  Billy understood our needs better than we did and produced a work product that was a ” home run”.  He was easy to work with kept his work within budget and on time.  We will definitely be using Billy in the future.” ~ Kevin and Michelle – Georgia, USA


“This is called over-delivering the value! I am super grateful for the job you’ve done!” ~ Kamila – Poland


“Awesome job! Better than what I expected!” ~ Misty – Georgia, USA


“Great work Billy! Such a pleasure to work with. Quick, efficient, patient with me and my changes in direction and delays. 5★ experience from start to finish and hoping that we have a chance to work together again on another project. Thank you!” ~ Alan E. – Phoenix, Arizona


“Very fast turn around time. Fantastic job. Definitely will use again.” ~ Brett R. – San Fransisco, California


“Another excellent project with Billy. Really produced a first-class piece!” ~ Ksenia R. – Beijing, China


“Billy is going to be our long-term partner! Truly an excellent editor and writer.” ~ Client Name Withheld




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