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Order A Customized Valentine Video Gift!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Give a personalized video gift to your Sweetie,  Hon’ Bun, Punkin, Angel Face, Bad Boy, Hot Momma, Hunky Hunk… or whoever your special Valentine is!Different packages are available and you can include personal on-screen text and/or pre-recorded video messages that you provide and we integrate, music (a.k.a “your song”) pictures, and/or video.

Valentine Video Gift Sample By Billy

Give a personal touch to your Valentine this year. We will create and customize your special Valentine video for you to share with your  Valentine when and where you choose!

Packages start at $25 and will vary according to your length and special requests. Every video is custom made and tailored to your personal taste. Just leave your email here subscribing to Billy and we’ll be in touch very soon to get all of the information you’d like included in the video. All videos are HD quality (*your images/video won’t be if they aren’t delivered that way) and can vary in length and style. A perfect gift for couples, children, special friends, or anyone! The finished video will be sent directly to you via email, dropbox, or however you prefer. You’ll be able to share it to who and when you want to. Let Billy help you heart your Valentine!

  • Personal On-Screen or Video Messages
  • Pictures and/or video (you provide or I can choose)
  • Music (you provide or I choose)

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