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berryBlueberry Cream Floats by Lindsey Andrews

Do you remember root beer floats? What about adding blueberry for a few blueberry cream floats? Today’s recipe is sure to cool you down while the outside temps heat up.

This week is one of the hottest so far here in Oklahoma. The weather report on my drive to work today said it was 97 degrees but with the heat index, it would feel more like 105! Yikes that’s hot!

So what do you make to cool off when it is that hot outside? It needs to be refreshing, flavorful and remind me it’s not so hot outside. What about Blueberry Cream Floats?

Refreshing? Check! Full of Flavor? Check! Fruity? Check! I mean this Blueberry and Cream Floats have everything a good drink should have and more.

I was seriously daydreaming about this recipe for a couple of months until I finally decided to make it, and the only thing I regret is not making it sooner! Yes, it’s that good. Maybe I should thank the Oklahoma heat for the reminder? Nah, never mind.

If you’ve never made a float before, then grab your ingredients and head to the kitchen because it’s totally worth it. First, is a drink dessert combo all in one, secondly is incredibly easy to make, and third the process of shaking it up is incredibly fun and sparkly.

Every float has two basic ingredients: Soda and Ice Cream. Basically, you add the ice cream first in the glass and then pour the soda on top, so the result is a mild bubbly explosion that’s totally worth it! If you have little ones this is a great activity to make on a relaxed afternoon.

In this case, I’m using blueberry juice, blueberry syrup, and some clear soda. And the result is out of this world delicious, paired with the vanilla ice cream you get this juicy, creamy combo that’s just to die for.

The other great thing about this recipe is that if blueberries are not your thing you can totally change them for another thing, maybe strawberries or mangoes or apple or any other fruit you like. This is as versatile as it gets. And actually if you are feeling like going the extra mile you can even create a small make your own float bar at home, after all, you just need a couple of juices, ice, soda and ice cream to set it up and it’s pretty fun to see what everyone whips up.

BlueberryfloatBlueberry Cream Floats


4 Tbsps blueberry syrup

4 Scoops cherry ice cream

2 ½ Cups soda water

Blueberries, for garnish


In tall chilled glasses, pour the blueberry syrup.

Add the soda water and stir.

Top with ice cream.

Place the blueberries as garnish.

Serve and enjoy.

Lindsey Andrews is a spinner of words about travel, food and finding joy in the mundane every day of life. You can find her on Instagram here and you can get exclusive recipes and joy sent to your inbox here.

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