Compassion To Action – Do Something

Compassion To Action – Do Something

Do Something

Do Something.

Those two words have my stomach turned in knots and my soul aching daily. I’m looking at our country in a way that I have never before. We are being abused by corrupt government fueled by greed, divide created intentionally and manipulatively to forward an agenda of hatred that should not be. It’s cancer attacking the very core of who we were, what we are, and what we will become.

With heads buried firmly in ignorance, this contagious and infuriating reality has become difficult to face, yet impossible to ignore. We all talk about doing something and that, I believe, is uniting us. But it’s still not enough. Each of us must individually find a way, our way, to do something. Help someone. Lift each other up. Be kind. Fight for what you know is right and don’t stop.

Challenge faux authority and replace it with people of integrity at every opportunity. Deal some hope. Above all, unite to deny any and all forms of bigotry while championing the marginalized and the oppressed who have been told they are “less than” – and that they don’t matter. They need our help.

We must do something so the course we are on changes. The hour is late, and the kind of action required is undeniably necessary and long overdue. Do something. Let’s all do something.


~ Billy

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