What’s Good for the Dog…Wait!

What’s Good for the Dog…Wait!


My mother – kind, loving and hilariously scatterbrained. Whenever I have what I call a “dingy moment” I tell mom I inherited that gene from her. Years ago when my parents had their beloved dog Bridget, she truly was part of the family. Mom and Bridget w
ere so close they even took their medications together.

One morning, mom popped her cholesterol pill and went to give Bridget her heart pill when…oh no! The panic set in. Realizing whatPoison_Help.svg she had done, mom quickly went to the phone and dialed Poison Control.

As soon as the representative answered mom blurted out, “I took my dog’s heart medication by mistake. What do I do?” The lady at Poison Control couldn’t hold her composure and began laughing. She assured mom that she would be alright; she just might feel some dizziness.

I received a call from mom that evening that began with, “You won’t believe what I did…” then mom and I laughed after retelling her chaotic morning. Twenty years later, I still like to tease my mom that when Poison Control laughs at you, you have mastered the ultimate in “dingy moments!”


*Special thanks to guest blog by Sandra Robinson.  Sandra is a 26-year chronic illness survivor, mother and wife whose passion is to help others suffering. She is an author, poet, and has a passion for music!

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