All That We Share – Denmark’s Message For All Of Us



“It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s ‘us’ and there’s ‘them’,” says the ad’s narrator as people file into a room and stand within boxed-off areas meant to define them.

This Danish piece offers a powerful message about recognizing our differences, but valuing “All That We Share.” We live in a world in which it is too easy for others to judge us and put people in boxes. Maybe, just maybe, we have a lot more in common than some of us think?  The idea of a “them versus us” can quickly turn adversaries into enemies and divide us in ways that are counterintuitive to the human spirit.


This video, as the narrator explains, reminds us that there are those that are wealthy and those that are poor. There are those who we put our trust in and those that we not dare. There are people from large urban cities and those who, as the narrator points out, “have never seen a cow.” There are those who are practice a particular religion and those who do not.

Although we may differ in things like the amount of money we make or what we believe in spiritually (or not), we are more similar to each other in that we are all humans. Whatever differences we have pale in comparison to our similarities. You may have been bullied at one time in your life, you may be a stepparent, or you may share the same sexual orientation. Our similarities overlap in some things but not in others.


In the end, all of those roles that we play in our lives and any one box others may try to put us into are outweighed by the fact that first and foremost, we are human. And there is never one box that define can define all that we are.



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