At five years old I was a curious little bugger and had more questions than I could find answers for. I’m still in the same predicament. Admittedly, the advent of the internet certainly put a dent in that curiosity – or did it just create more questions? Hmm… Not sure about that. As a child, I was frustrated when I couldn’t find the answer to important questions like “how many colors are there?” or “how tall will I grow up to be?

The absence of answers to questions like those led me to a conclusion! Somewhere along the way, I made a vow that when I find answers to “stuff” I’m going to share them! A pure act of innocent giving! (sarcasm) I quickly learned that not everyone held the same capacity for curiosity that I did! Those that know me will most likely tell you they have a love-hate relationship with that specific personal trait of mine.

With that little backstory in mind, it was suggested that perhaps I not give answers until there are questions. I took that suggestion to heart. After the divorce, I thought about it deeply for about 25 years. And that, my friends, is how you have landed here; whether by accident or with purpose. This one single tab in a sea of websites and endless access to eternal streams of information, some of it actually being true, is a utopia that I could only dream about when I was five!

This is my tab of sharing, hence the title “Shareables.” I nearly labeled it “stuff” until I decided that wasn’t nearly as professional-sounding as “Shareables.” Besides, “Shareables” triggers “Lunchables” in my brain. I have fond memories of when my sons were young, and I sent them off on school field trips with that poison made for my convenience. Thank you, Kraft.

I hope you find my efforts to share cool stuff I find and share a little more palatable and easier to digest. You can think of it simply as “stuff Billy posts that he thinks you might like to know.. or even (gasp!) need to know!” In a world where everyone wants things labeled and categorized, separated and counted, and built strategically to get you to read or buy something, this is my protest page! In other words, it’s just free-range “stuff” in no particular order that made me pause longer than 1.5 seconds while driving down the internet highway.

So wave your flags, burn your bra’s, and release the experimental lab mice from captivity! Be free! Choose at will! Carpe your diem! And welcome to my “stuff,” err… SHAREABLES!