U Be U – new Book Release! Perfect gift for the graduate of anything!

U Be U is whimsical wisdom set to simple rhyme and stunning images from around the world. It’s a cool, sometimes cute and sometimes witty gift for the grad – the grad of diploma collectors, university seekers, and achievement gatherers! Graduates come in all forms. In fact, we graduate from something nearly every day. Graduating from high school? Graduating from college? Graduating from a relationship?! From the smallest of goals to the loftiest life-changing milestones, we are all alumni of every challenge overcome, every happy moment ever shared, and every goal ever reached – be they big or small. In a world that often wants to tell us who and what we should be, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd and get tied in a knot over who you are not! “U” are unique. “U’ are who you are. “U” have great purpose, some discovered and some not quite yet. “U” never stop learning and growing into the new “U” you are today. What’s the message? Be yourself! Are there bumps along the way? Of course! At the end of the day, be they mounds or mountains, you are the one who gets to decide who the you that is you, truly are. Wherever you go, and in all that you do, a most valuable life lesson is for you to be you. U Be U.

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About the author:

A freelance author with over 25 years of experience “on the beat” in more ways than one, Billy Soden transformed from a writing hobbyist into a professional communicator of the written word. This former music teacher and community educator combine a creative style of storytelling and a witty nuance to any niche.

“I am a survivor of writing education curriculum and policy, grant writing for the fine arts, marketing copy for quarterly community events and classes, and successfully transitioned from paper post-it notes to on-screen post-it notes.” ~ Billy Soden

Billy currently writes for the world’s largest non-profit independent television and media company. Based in New York City, with a global audience of nearly 15 million, Soden’s stories contribute to the shared vision of uniting humanity, hope, and freedom through the authoring of engaging stories that portray the intensely compelling unification of all humankind and the planet. Soden has also been published in local and national magazines and been a repeated feature blogger on a global website with more than 1.1 million daily readers.

Soden is a co-founder of “Hope Dealer,” and his current project includes a co-written book with Dr. Rev. Jeffrey Graves. “Hope Dealer” inspires those who struggle to the depths of despair and hopelessness through the stories of perseverance, recovery, and personal prosperity from the lives of its two authors.

Born with a trombone in one hand and a pen in the other, Billy’s passion for writing developed early in life. Professional, versatile, and creative, Billy has coined the term “Beatbusker” and labels himself as such.

“I’m a hybrid writer,” Soden explained, “kind of a cross between a beat reporter and a street performer (a busker). I know all of the words; you just have to put them in the right order to make them get up and dance!”

Positive and inspired, Billy Soden is indeed the “Beatbusker” of the writing world.

You can view Billy Soden’s online portfolio by clicking here.

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